The Artist

I am Nadea Victor, artist, writer, photographer, mom, daughter, friend and wife. 
If I have to make a picture to show what goes on in my heart – 
I’d be dancing in the rain arms wide open, head thrown back on the beach in Vleesbaai.

I love my three children – they teach me to work less and play more.
I love my four dogs – they force me to make time for cuddles every day.
I love the elderly and dream of making the world a better place.

I hate rules, limits and most institutions – I want to be free.

I love trail running.

I love to hear peoples’ stories.
Sometimes I love what is different more than what is right – sometimes that makes me wrong.

Other people’s suffering makes me sad and keeps me up at night – I wish I could change the world for them.
I love winter – summer is even better.

I love my husband more than life - he is my rock, my greatest supporter, my best friend and the best crazy decision I ever made. 
I am often overwhelmed by the love, joy & sense of fulfillment in my life. 
I thank the Universe and God every day - I live in so much abundance – sometimes I feel guilty.

I love life!