A Nation left without hope.


In light of the upsetting news about Oscar Pistorius over the last week I find myself wondering why  I feel so deeply  upset by this particular murder. It has made me cry, made me swear, made me pray, kept me awake at night and kept me glued to social networks, newspapers and radio stations.

I can’t say that I’ve ever been a particularly big Oscar Pistorius fan, neither have I ever really followed his career or life story yet I “know” the blade runner and like the rest of the nation have always felt a great sense of inspiration and wonder when reading about this  talented athlete in newspapers and magazines. What a story of inspiration. He has given us hope. People across the world look at this person who, against all odds, have accomplished more than most of us will in our lifetime. His story fills us with a strong believe that nothing is impossible, that dreams do come true and we continue to hope.

Whether that hope  is for a better life for ourselves, bigger dreams or a world where people live together in peace, people like Oscar Pistorius lets us believe that anything is possible and we keep hoping. They say hope is what keeps us alive.

How did it happen that a person that brought so much hope to people around the world finds himself caught in the middle of the worst nightmare most of us can possibly imagine?

If a hero that the whole world looked at with such admiration and wonder can fall to such depths in the split second that it took to fire the first bullet – where does that leave the rest of us? Shocked, speechless, anxious and devastated?

Could it be that the feeling deep down in the pit of my stomach, that thing that is keeping me tossing and turning through the night is the fear of a nation left with no hope.